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Salvi "Rent to Own" and "Harp Progression" Programs

Rent to Own by Salvi allows beginning harpists a more affordable way to purchase a new lever harp or Daphne 40 pedal harp after six months of rental. At the conclusion of six months, the student can either return the harp or purchase it. If the harp is rented from Salvi Harps, Inc directly; it will apply the six month rental fee toward the purchase of the harp.


Monthly Rental Fees per harp


Juno 27 string lever harp: $45 per month

Mia 34 string lever harp: $55 per month

Titan 38 string lever harp: $55 per month

Livia 36 string lever harp: $70 per month

Ana or Egan 38 string lever harp: $90 per month


Rental term is in six month contracts and may only be renewed upon the written approval of Salvi Harps, Inc. Rental fee is payable in advance. All freight charges are collect. Credit approval and contract required (CREDIT/BACKGROUND WILL BE RUN). Rent to Own program and rates are subject to change. Major credit cards or personal checks with required identification accepted. Other conditions apply. For harp purchases, see current price list. A security deposit and proof of insurance on the instrument are required. We will arrange insurance and charge you for it if insurance proof is not provided.



The Harp Progression Program allows those who purchase a Salvi or Lyon & Healy lever harp, or a Salvi small student pedal or semi grand pedal harp to apply full purchase price of that harp to a Salvi Pedal harp within five years.


The following conditions apply:


The original owner must trade in the harp with receipt.


The harp must be in like - new condition.


The customer is responsible for any fees or changes to get the harp back to Salvi Harps, Inc.


Lever harp trade - in will be applied to any Salvi Pedal harp.


Pedal harp trade in's will apply in the following manner:


Daphne 40 trade- in will apply to any Daphne 47 EX or Concert Grand pedal harp.


Daphne 44, Daphne 46, Daphne 47S, Daphne 47SE, Arion 44, Arion SG, Orchestra EX, and Sinfonietta models will trade - in for Concert Grand Models only.


Other conditions apply. Please call with any questions you have about the program. Please make sure that you have your harp's serial number and model information available before you call, as well as the date on the original invoice.


For Pedal harp rentals in Southern California, please call for availability and contacts.



Brochure of the Rent To Own and Harp Progression Programs






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